Our Mission:
The Land Conversation, Inc. is an
organization that helps to restore
ecosystems and revitalize
languages and cultures.   We
increase expertise in ecology,
history, language, and cultural
studies among people of all ages
and diverse cultures by
coordinating the resources offered
by schools, universities, tribes,
community-based organizations,
and public agencies.

Joining in The Land Conversation helps to restore habitat, save native
languages, and promote exciting teaching and learning.
Native biological diversity is declining at an alarming rate in the
United States, as are the nation’s indigenous linguistic and cultural
variations.  At the same time, public education faces huge challenges
to raise academic achievement.

The Land Conversation is a new organization that addresses all these
challenges by making land an object of community study – by inviting
community members and scholars to engage in a “great conversation”
about land and its history.  When The Land Conversation combines
research approaches from the humanities and social sciences with the
natural sciences and then applies them to ecological restoration
projects, land
conversation becomes an indispensable tool for land
The Land Conversation
Restore land... revitalize language and culture.